Tools To Protect Your Brand From Online Infringement

Counterfeit goods can ruin start-ups before they have a chance to get going. Problems you may have include:

  1. Unexpected legal costs
  2. Loss of sales
  3. Damage to your reputation

Unfortunately the global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods is steadily increasing. This is partly because selling goods online and through social media is easy and attractive to counterfeiters.

Industries particularly affected by online counterfeiting include luxury, fashion, cosmetics, technology and pharmaceutical. It’s essential to simplify the identification of infringements and concentrate on enforcement efforts.

We formed an alliance with tech provider INCOPRO, to offer clients access to twoBirds Talisman.

Talisman is a pioneering brand monitoring technology that helps you protect your business from infringement online in an intelligent and cost-effective way. Talisman technology strategically connects clusters of counterfeits. This helps companies take decisive and impactful enforcement action.

The Talisman platform is offered by Bird & Bird as an additional client service to our market leading patent and trade mark legal advice.

To discuss how twoBirds Talisman can help your business, contact Phil Sherrell or Rebecca O’Kelly-Gillard.