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Once your business assets are protected, it is time to build a commercial framework, launch your product and reach your target customers.

Your first step on this road
Your first step on this road; setting up the company which will be your vehicle to success.
If you want to bring someone else
If you want to bring someone else on board to add something different, it's important to set out the lay of the land so everyone knows where they stand.
You need more funding
In order to scale-up, you need more funding; Now is a great time to think about how structure your company so it is as attractive as possible to investors.
Before you go out to the masses
Before you go out to the masses, it's worth thinking about what kind of financing is on offer to you, and how to present to investors.
You've received an offer
You've received an offer on the investor's favourite 'standard terms'; but how do you know what's really standard?
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